We are lucky to have a talented and skilled staff. They do terrific work with children. However, we can always use an extra person or two, either on a regular or sporadic basis. There are many things you can do in the classroom to help:

  • Come once a week and read a story, play your trombone (our children are very accepting of all musical performances).
  • Demonstrate your line of work.
  • Share part of your family culture with a cooking project.
  • Scrub toys, or change a wall display.
  • If you want to help, but can’t work in the classroom, we have other ideas. We always have sewing and mending projects.
  • Perhaps you would like to be the master gardener for the preschool garden, accompany the infants on a stroll, or refinish our tired bookshelves. Talk with your child’s teacher for additional suggestions.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out a Volunteer Application and email chrissy.verpoorten@fruitandflower.org.

Board of Directors and Committees

Our non-profit center is guided by a volunteer board of directors, comprised of current parents, past parents, and members of the community. Like our staff, they have diverse and varied backgrounds in business and education and share a common interest in carrying out the vision of Fruit & Flower. They are not involved in the daily management of the center, but they are responsible for making policy, assuring funding, and stewarding the mission and vision of the center.

Our volunteer board of directors always needs fresh ideas and new members. If you or someone you know wants to give back to the community and has an interest in the welfare of young children, please speak with the Fruit & Flower Executive Director, Rhonda McDowall. Serving on the Board requires both a time and financial commitment.

You might also be interested in serving on a committee of the Board. The following are standing committees:

Finance Committee
The Financial Committee manages any endowment funds to support the mission of Fruit & Flower to plan the future financial needs of Fruit & Flower, reviews the financial condition of the organization, and evaluates the details of the budget and recommend any changed strategies or actions necessary to maintain fiscal fortitude.
Program Committee
The Program Committee assists in community building events and strategizes ways to improve communication between parents and staff. The committee serves as the liaison between parents, and teachers and the board—responding to concerns about the centers instructional care, practices and procedures.
Development Committee
The Development Committee oversees, advises and assists staff in organization and implementation of all fundraising events, including but not limited to annual auction and annual drive. The committee oversees the implementation of all capital fundraising activities, including grant proposals. It also assists with annual appeals and community outreach.
Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee assists in research and recommendations to staff regarding building and facility maintenance, and develops ideas for improving and updating the building and facilities.
Risk Management Committee
The Risk Management Committee reviews the insurance polices for safety, risk, and legal liability issues, and compliance. The committee makes recommendations to the Fruit & Flower Board of Directors regarding insurance coverages, limits, and contracts.

There is a place for you, just speak to our executive director or the president of the board of directors.