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Please Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Since 1906, Fruit & Flower has remained faithful to the mission that ALL families should receive quality childcare. To that end, we remain committed to maintaining or increasing our support to scholarship families. Once a family joins Fruit & Flower, we guarantee scholarship support throughout the child’s time at the center. For some families this can be an invaluable six years of support and profoundly impacts the well-being of these families’ lives. The opportunity to offer these scholarships has life-changing benefits that expand well beyond early childhood. In this economy, our ability to provide quality childcare to working families of all socio-economic backgrounds is increasingly valuable and it’s what distinguishes Fruit & Flower among other child development centers. We encourage all parents to find a way to participate in our community. As a not-for-profit organization, we make use of many donated items, from drawing paper to furniture. Our parents also donate money, time, and expertise to help make our center a success.  Please consider a donation today!